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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Pea Project. My name is Eric Samuelson. I have been in the blogging world since October 2009 when I launched Eat Like No One Else, a blog all about eating differently from the norm. In April 2014, the blog began to focus more on shopping, because you can’t have great food at home unless you buy it first. In the past, Eat Like No One Else featured some of what I was doing with the garden. I felt it was the time to expand on that and give the garden it’s own space on world wide web.

On a more personal note, I am the husband of my beautiful wife Donna, we’ve been married for almost a decade now. Much of what I am growing in the garden this year is to please her palate. I have three children (age 6, 3, 1) who will be helping me this year or just slowing me down, depending on the day or the distraction! They like to look for worms to give the garden a helping hand. We also have ducks, which bring eggs to our table, smiles to our faces, and some much needed fertilizer to my garden when they were penned up in my garden over the winter.

I am also a super foodie. My idea of a great vacation includes stopping as many grocery stores, farmer’s markets, cheese shops, etc that I can. Last April, I actually built a vacation based upon my desire to visit Jungle Jim’s grocery store outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I am all about the seasonal eating, choosing to enjoy fruits and veggies when they are at their peak. I love seeking out new varieties.

A shot of Spring Blush peas growing in my garden in 2016.

I hope you will enjoy a look into our garden this spring and summer and that it will give you inspiration to built your own.

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  1. Harold Cooper says: Reply

    Hi as you can see my name is Harold, Just ran across your site by accident looking up info on the Indigo Rose tomato which I planted this spring. It’s a very new tomato from Oregon. I have been organic in my garden since the late 70’s. I just grow for my family, not for market. I only use manure on my garden.
    I live in Brant Twp in the south west corner of Saginaw county. Been here for 42 years , had a garden all that time. I can grow just about anything I plant, don’t have much luck with peas though. My garden plot is usually too wet to get on most springs to plant peas early. I plant a mix of heirloom seeds and other seeds. I use only organic sprays for bugs. Keep growing green!

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