Best Pea Growing Weather

A sunny, warm pea in the pea garden!
A sunny, warm pea in the pea garden!

As many of you know peas like cool weather, which is why they are best to grow in the spring time. Some of you may have learned that the hard way (I didn’t with peas but did with broccoli.) I find that a lot of gardeners when starting out don’t know that there are different times of year to grow things. I have a met a lot of people that assume you don’t plant anything until you are save from frost. If you did that you went miss the perfect window to grow peas. Right now we have been I am experiencing the optimal pea growing weather, here outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Temperatures that get warm enough during the day, before cooling off at night.

Here are the high and low temperatures we have had since Tuesday, May 17th.

Wednesday, May 25 – 82/52
Tuesday, May 24 – 82/37
Monday, May 23 – 77/34
Sunday, May 22 – 72/43
Saturday, May 21 – 73/48
Friday, May 20, 2016 – 71/37
Thursday, May 19 – 72/37
Wednesday, May 18 – 66/43
Tuesday, May 17 – 64/50

As you can see we have gone up about 20 degrees in the span of a week. Growth has really taken off, especially in the last few days with those 80 degree temperatures. Peas are doing great and it looks like a real garden out there now.

I am little nervous this year because weather forecasts keep calling for us to have a really hot summer. hopefully that can hold off until my peas are all done. I got a little later start than I wanted due to rain in the early parts of spring. Each year I have been able to produce a harvest even as temperatures begin to climb.

The peas are climbing. Hopefully they can climb faster than the temperatures are.
The peas are climbing. Hopefully they can climb faster than the temperatures are.

The forecast in the next week is a lot of the same with some even higher temperature. It is suppose to hit 90 degrees on the weekend. Now that is hotter than I would like to see. But it won’t continue to be that hot for long. The following week they are calling for temperatures back in the mid to upper 70s. One hot day here and there isn’t going to hurt my crop. We are still on track for a great harvest.