Can I Still Eat Fava Beans with Black Spots on Them?

Black Spots on Fava Beans

If you are growing fava beans and see the spots like in the picture above, you might be worried. It might be the reason you are reading this blog right now (I hope it is!). My fava beans were growing along nicely. No problems at all. Everything look perfect. Then I noticed that some of my beans were appearing with black spots or brown streaks on them. I am worried? Nope.

The most important thing here is that the beans inside are still perfectly fine. Once I shell them you can’t even tell any difference between an “ugly” looking pod and a perfectly bright green one. So the answer to the question that may have brought you to this blog is YES, YOU CAN EAT THEM!

Why Do They Even Have These Black Spots?
You still may have another question in your mind that has gone unanswered – why do they even have these spots in the first place. I did a little checking around the world wide web and here is what I came up with. I hope you find it to be a satisfying answer. The black spots can occur when there is a lot of rainfall and the beans are maturing. We have had several good down pours in the last month – that makes sense.

When it comes to picking fava beans you have to change your mindset. This isn’t like picking your standard green bean. If they are big and fat, then what they look like on the outside, black spots, brown spots, streaks, stains, whatever the beans on the inside will be perfectly ready to enjoy. I would question more if they look perfect. You need to fill the pods to see if they look full. You can pick them when they are younger and eat them raw. They have a very nutty, sweet taste. My daughters both ate them and wanted more.