Fingerprint Fava Bean Growing Update

Fingerprint Favas

One of the most exciting things going on in my garden this year are the special seeds I received from Joseph Simcox and the Garden Across America program. The Fingerprint Fava beans were the first to make it into the ground. I originally planted the seeds on Monday, March 30th and they started poking through the ground on Thursday, April 16th. Below you will find my pictures I took on Memorial Day, May 25th.

Fingerprint Favas

The plants have been growing wonderfully for me. Not a single problem, besides trying to keep the pesky weeds out of my little mini raised bed. I have 3 very healthy plants with the tallest one being right around 29 inches tall. The leaves are looking nice and green and as of now I couldn’t be happier with their progress. The weather has been great for their growth, with enough rain, not too much, with warm days and cool nights. Temperatures are heating up a bit as we will see 88 degrees later in the week but then a quick cool down the days after.

In case you were curious in the background right behind the fava beans are is German Chamomile that is about to bloom. I am growing it as a part of my companion gardening technique I am using this year (and for my wife to enjoy some tea!).

Fingerprint Favas Flowering

Take a little closer like at these fava beans. As you can see they are beginning to bud, so flowers are soon to follow. I like the white and black flowers that fava beans produce. They are unique and pretty. I will post again once the plants are in full bloom. Exciting times!

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  1. Hello, dear Semuel,

    it is so exiting to read about Fingerprint Fava beans growing. I live in Europe, in a small country Latvia, and have no chance to buy or get these wonderfull beans. Last year i saw them on, but unfortunately there is currently no offer. I understand that it is too big request from my side to ask You something like this, but maybe I can ask to send some of your harvested beans by mail? If You agree for seed exchange, I’ll send You some rarity from my garden, such as more than 60 years in my grandmother’s garden growing red orach – some real Latvian garden heirloom, or something else. Please let me know, if You see such a possibility or if it is too difficult for You. Thanks anyway!

    Raivis in very snowy Latvia

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