First Pea Harvest of the Year


You rake the soil. You till it. You plant seeds. You water. You weed. You wait. You wait. And wait. And finally they day comes. The fruits of your labor arrive. Here at the pea project that time has come. The harvest. Our very first significant pea harvest of the year. Time to rejoice.

For the past couple days I have been picking a pea or two. With plentiful sunshine and warm temperatures, the peas really started ripening up. Sunday morning, my oldest daughter, and my son, headed out to the garden with our first basket ready to start the picking. We picked some of four varieties – Golden Sweet Snow peas, Capucinger peas, Amish Snap peas, and Green Beauty snow peas.

I recorded a video of them during the picking. Minus a slight name flub (I had to teach my oldest the difference between snap and snow peas), the video will show you that a kid can contribute to the harvest.

A Little About Each Variety

Golden Sweet Snow

Golden Sweet Snow Peas
These are producing really prolifically. I am looking forward to a HUGE harvest of delicious and beautiful yellow peas. There were a lot of small peas on the plant that in a couple days should be ready. I can’t to be able to saute some of these to enjoy warm.

Capucigner Peas

Capucinger Peas
This a soup pea variety that can be picked young as a snow peas. I am picking them on them on the smaller side while they are still tender. Once they begin to mature faster, I will let them go to produce peas.

Amish Snap Peas

Amish Snap Peas
Picked a handful of these peas. Waiting for them to size up a bit more.

Green Beauty Peas

Green Beauty Snow Peas
These are growing really fast. They are really large peas. And so far they have been the sweetest peas we have picked in our garden. My wife is already ready to commit to this variety next year. They are suppose to eventually get big enough and still be tender enough to eat the shells with some peanut butter.

I will be sharing more about my pea harvest as it progresses with more varieties. I have a few others that are getting close to picking.

3 Replies to “First Pea Harvest of the Year”

  1. Such pretty peas. I LOVE peas, ours are all burned up since it’s so hot now. We harvested potatoes this morning at around 9 and it was already 90 degrees. It was sooo hot.

    1. Eric @ the pea project says:

      Thank you! I can’t wait to make a stir-fry with them. I love growing unique color vegetables that you never find in the grocery stores.

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