Growing Rat’s Tail Radishes

Rat Tail Radish Sprouting

This was the first year that we have grown radishes. Be the adventurer that I am, I didn’t just want to stick to the traditional stuff, I wanted something cool and unique. So when I saw Rat’s Tail Radishes in the Baker Creek catalog, I knew I had to grow them. What could be more unique that a radish that isn’t a root! That’s right, this radish you eat for the seed pods that it forms, that resemble green beans – yet taste like radishes. This is one case where you want your radishes to bolt or go to seed. I was very fascinated to see how this plant would grow.

In the picture you see at the top this is what Rat’s Tail looks like when it first emerges from the ground.

Rat's Tail Radish Leaves

Every a couple weeks of growth the leaves look like what you see above. I did have some trouble with pests eating holes in the leaves. Never quite determine who the culprit was, but the plants keep on going strong, despite a couple holey leaves.

Rat's Tail Radish Flowering

About 6 weeks after the radishes were planted they began to flower.

Rat's Tail Radish Flowering

The flowers are a simple, yet pretty four petal flower. They have streaks of pink colored lines on the bottom of the flowers that you can see easily before the flower opens up.

Rat's Tail Radish Flowering

As you can see I have tons of flowers, which means tons of seed pods should form as long as all goes well from here. I have seen a butterfly visiting the flowers, which is always a good sign. The best part is that I will have these to eat right when my other radishes are done (they have all been pulled from the garden and are in the fridge, ready to be eaten).

To buy your own Rat’s Tail radish seeds, visit the Baker Creek website.