How Tall Do Peas Grow?

How Tall Do Peas Grow

One of the most important thing about growing is peas is knowing how tall you can expect your peas to grow. There can be a great difference between varieties. Some only grow only a couple feet, where there are varieties there that can reach up to 10 feet. To give the peas the proper support you need to know how tall they are going to get. You don’t want to give peas that grow 6 feet tall, a 2 foot tall trellis, it will just topple over. Some varieties are short enough that they can go without support.

Tips for Selecting Peas by Height
1. If you are looking to grow peas without support, choose varieties that are no taller than 3 feet.
2. If you are looking to grow peas in a container I suggest growing the Tom Thumb variety that only reaches 8 inches.
3. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, and can built a tall trellis look for varieties that grow between 6 and 10 feet.
4. If you already have a trellis look for a variety that will match up with the size of your trellis. If you have something why not use it to it’s fullest.

Here is a list of how tall certain pea varieties get:

The varieties I am growing this year

Variety Height
Desiree Dwarf Blauwaschokkers 2-3 feet
Improved Maestro 3 feet
Sugar Ann Snap Pea 2 feet
Cascadia Snap Pea 2 1/2 feet
Oregon Sugar Pod II 2 to 2 1/2 feet

I am only growing varieties this year that don’t require support. Although I am still giving them some support by growing oats right next to them. The shorter varieties still shoot out tendrils that can grab a hold of whatever is close by.

Other varieties

Variety Height
Amish Snap 5-6 feet
Avalanche 3 feet
Blue Bantam 3 1/2 feet
British Wonder 3 feet
Carouby de Maussane 5 feet
Champion of England 10 feet
Dwarf Grey Sugar 3 feet
Golden Sweet Snow 6 feet
Green Arrow 2 to 2 1/2 feet
Mammoth Melting Sugar 4 feet
Masterpiece 2 1/4 to 3 feet
Oregon Giant 2 1/2 feet
Peas in a Pot 10 inches
Shiraz 2 1/2 feet
Snowbird 1 1/2 feet
Sugar Heart 4 feet
Sugar Snap 4-6 feet
Super Sugar Snap 5-6 feet
Sutton's Harbinger 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 feet
Tall Telephone 6 feet
Thomas Laxton 3 feet
Tom Thumb 8 inches
Wando 2-3 feet