Interview with Megan Arnold – Passionate Gardener

A picture of Megan’s pepper seeds that she is planting in her 2017 garden.

This part of a series of interviews where I talk passionate gardeners about why they love growing their own food. I want share people love hopefully that inspires you. Its People Enjoying Agriculture, what we are about at the pea project.

Introducing the Interviewee

Meet Megan Arnold. She puts the passion in passionate gardener. I have been following her on facebook, builting some brand new raised beds this year. We connected in the Friends of Baker Creek facebook group. You can find her awesome garden postings on her Instagram account as seen below.

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I am an avid home gardener in Adams County PA and also a farm worker and marketeer at Three Springs Fruit Farm. I am obsessed with plants and growing food.

2. What do you personally enjoy the most about agriculture?

Growing food gives me such joy. Being able to walk out to the garden and gather ingredients for dinner gives me a great sense of self-sufficiency. Not to mention store bought veggies don’t even compare to fresh. I also especially love the different varieties available to grow than what you could buy.

3. What do you like to grow?

I enjoy growing all the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that I can in my climate, zone 6b. My favorite items to grow would be peppers, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and beans. Baker Creek Heirloom seeds is my best source for unique varieties.

4. What have you grown that you never would be able to find in a grocery store?

Some of my most unique varieties would be Chinese noodle beans, black beauty tomatoes, yellow wonder strawberries, red and purple carrots, and mushroom basket tomatoes. This year some new varieties that I am excited about are Dakota black popcorn, Tennessee red peanut, Japanese long cucumber, the Pusa Asita black carrot, and many others.

5. What advice would you give to people who aren’t growing their own food yet?

If you are new to gardening start growing your favorite vegetables or fruits first. Soil quality is very important as well as watering adequately in hot weather. It also helped me to look up each specific vegetables preferred growing conditions. The Heirloom Life Gardener book was very helpful with that and there are also a lot of great gardening videos available online. Also don’t be afraid to experiment too!

My Takeways

This is where I talk about what I got out of the interview and what excites me

I love that she is into growing unique things you cannot find in stores. This is the freedom you get with growing your own garden. You can grow thing your store would never think of. Even the most well stocked produce department doesn’t even contain a fraction of what is out there. You probably will never eat a black carrots or experience a yellow strawberry unless you grow them yourself. Best part is sharing that unique thing with your friends and family. Make your dinner parities the talk of the town!

I also like her advice on growing your favorite veggie or fruit first. If you don’t like kale, don’t grow it because you think you might need it. Grow what you love already and you will love it even more! Make it fun for yourself.