Kids Report on Tom Thumb Peas Sprouting

Tom Thumb Shelling Peas Sprouting

Well it took longer than I would have liked but our Tom Thumb peas have sprouted – the first thing to sprout in my garden this year. WOO HOO!!!! A polar vortex from the north (BOO!!!!) burst down and interrupted our spring weather. We got down into the 20s and saw some snow (not enough to stick) for a period of five straight days. Not usual for us to have some minor snow in April but usually not for consecutive days. Oh well. Peas are pretty durable so I wasn’t too concerned – it just took them longer to sprout. And when they did I got the kids outside to check it out. They were excited.

Tom Thumb Shelling Peas Sprouting

Here is a video of my kids talking about the pots of peas!

Such a simple way to get kids ownership over something in the garden. All three of them were thrilled to see their own peas sprouts that they helped to plant. Now they get to watch them grow and mature. Can’t wait until they flower.

Tom Thumb Shelling Peas Sprouting

Tom Thumb peas are said to take on average 50 to 55 days. So keep checking back for more videos. Make sure to subscribe to my email updates so that you don’t miss a thing. Or also subscribe to my youtube channel after you watch the video.

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Want to grow your own Tom Thumb peas? Pick up a packet of seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The perfect peas to grow in a pot, great for the kiddios as well as someone may only have a sunny balcony to grow food on.

What kind of weather difficulties have you experienced in your gardens so far this year. Share in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. Also if you are growing this variety or have the past I would love to hear from you as well.