Peas Update – 3 Weeks After Planting

Peas 3 Weeks After Planting

It’s been about 3 weeks now since I first planted my peas. It’s fun watching them grow. Isn’t it amazing how a little seed can turn into a full size plant.

Here is a glimpse of how the weather has been since my last photos.

Saturday, April 26th : High 60 Low 41
Sunday, April 27th : High 58 Low 34
Monday, April 28th : High 55 Low 46 with .35 inches of rain
Tuesday, April 29th : High 79 Low 49 with .54 inches of rain
Wednesday, April 30th : High 70 Low 55
Thursday, May 1st : High 57 Low 45

Pretty consistent weather outside the day it got up to 79. No freezing temperatures. I would like to see more highs in the 60s, but really not bad pea growing weather.

Pea Rows 3 Weeks

Above is a shot of two rows of Improved Maestro shelling peas. Looking good.

Pea Plant 3 Weeks

In this closer shot you can see that peas are not the only thing coming up. Quite a few weeds are making their presence known. In the next week I will be undergoing the painful step of removing these weeds and putting down some straw so they do not continue to cause me troubles. It’s a big pain in the butt. I like to do in a 10 mintue or so intervals. Do a little bit at a time so the job doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Once the straw down it will help keep in the moisture and the weeds. No more weed worries!

Pea and Oats 3 Weeks

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am growing oats next to my peas. The oats will provide some support for the peas, even though the variety you see here can go without the support.

I also wanted to report that my peas germinated really well, so it doesn’t appear I need to do any additional sowing, which is great. Later in the week I will talk about how and when you need to thin your pea plants.