Plum Purple Radish Review

Plum Purple Radish collage

My 4 year old is daddy’s princess and as a princess of course she loves purple. Her favorite vegetable is radishes, so of course I had to grow her purple radishes. The ones I choose this year was the Plum Purple variety that I purchased from Seed Savers Exchange. What attracted me to this variety besides them being purple was that are mild and never pithy.

Plum Purple Radishes

Last week I made the decision to pull all the radishes due to increasing temperatures and the need to make room in the garden for summer crops (beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.). I plan to plant more radishes again for a fall crop. Sadly my daughter was under the weather that day, but her brother was more than willing to help pick the radishes for her.

My son showing me what he picked while shielding his eyes from the bright son.
My son showing me what he picked while shielding his eyes from the bright son.

At the time I pulled the radishes you could see the tops of the radishes showing up above ground like in the picture below.

Plum Purple Radish in Ground

What I Liked About this Variety
They grew pretty well without bolting too early. I didn’t have any pests problems.

Any Growing Issues?
I had some radishes that didn’t really form properly. They stayed white and get long, but didn’t “fatten” up at the top. It very well could have been the soil in the spot of the garden that tends to be heavier and more clay. Or they just need more time.

The radishes on the left didn't reach their full potential.
The radishes on the left didn’t reach their full potential.

Would I Plant this Variety Again?
I think so. I am willingly to try different purple radishes, but I have no problem with the flavor and look of Plum Purple. I look forward to seeing how these produce in the fall , maybe trying them in any empty spot in my raised bed gardens.