The Perfect Pea for Kids to Grow – Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb Seed Packet

One of the best things anyone can pass down to their kids is their passions. The things that you care about – teach them to at least appreciate those things and maybe hopefully they will grow to love them as well. Obviously I love to garden. That’s why I was excited this year that my kids were excited about getting out in the garden and helping out. I wanted more than them just being helpers. I want them to be really invested in the whole experience. What better way to achieve this than to give them their very own space.


I gathered 3 different pots that I had in the past grown tomatoes in. These are just black, plastic pots that were once used for trees. The previous house I lived at was once rented by people who had a landscaping business. So when they moved to Alaska, they left behind all these pots, along with a lot of bricks and pavers.


The pots are perfect because they are at their level. They can easily get to their pots without having to worry about them stepping on something important. The pot helps define their space. Each kid got on with a special marker my wife made out of a milk jug with each of their names.


The variety I selected to the grow for them is the Tom Thumb pea. Everyone says that this is the perfect pea for containers. The peas grow to about 8 inches tall! That’s it. No stalkign needed Perfect for pots and perfect for kids. Easy for them to harvest, they aren’t too tall. They are a shelling pea variety. They will be able to pick them, peel them, and eat them like the sweet “candy” they are.


We planted them on Easter. The weather was perfect. Sunny with blue skies and 60 degree temperatures. I just love planting on Easter, at least for a short portion of the day before dinner. I spaced the seeds out for the kids. I then had them push their seeds into the soil and cover them up.

Here is a video of my oldest daughter introducing the pea and my youngest daughter pushing hers into the soil. My son is there too, “patiently” waiting his turn.

I purchased these peas from Seed Savers Exchange. According to them, the Tom Thumb pea “originated in England and was introduced in the United States in the mid-ninetieth century.”

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