What Carrots Look Like When They Flower

What Carrots Flowers Look Like

Late last summer I planted a fall crop of carrots. I am not sure if it was a combination of timing or poor soil, but they never really grew enough to pick before the harsh winter set in. Come spring time the carrots were still showing life. My kids even got to pick a few small ones that they absolutely love to crunch on like rabbits! I decided to let the carrots grow to set what would happen. And this is what eventually happened :

Carrots Flowering

The carrots began to flower. You see carrots are biennials – which means they take two years to complete their life cycle. The first year they grow roots and foilage and the second year they flower. In order to save carrots seeds you need to leave some carrots in the ground to over winter and let them flower the next year. At this point the carrots themselves would not longer be enjoyable to eat, but once the flowers are done doing their thing, you will have a ton of seeds for further planting. How cool is it to save your very own seed! Even more so in the world we live in now where big huge companies control most of the seeds.

Carrots Look Like Queen Anne’s Lace
You might be wondering, hey isn’t the really just the weed Queen Anne’s Lace. It does look a lot like it. The two are part of the same family. In fact in the United Kingdom they are called wild carrots. Because they are in the same family it’s important to keep them from cross pollinating. Destroy any Queen Anne’s Lace that you have growing nearby your carrots. I do have some on my property however it is far enough away from the carrots that I am not majorly concerned.

How to Save the Seed
Below you will find an excellent YouTube video that shows you just show to save the seeds once the flowers are done.