What Do Fava Beans Flowers Look Like?

Fava Bean Flowers

I mentioned earlier on the blog that I am growing Fava Beans for the second year in a row. I like to grow these beans as I can start them way earlier than any other type of bean I grow. They are also just fun to grow as they grow so differently than your traditional green bean. After about 7 weeks from planting the first flowers began popping up. They are beautiful white flowers with a black center. The contrast between the white and black is so pretty it might be worth growing these just to watch them bloom! The flowers come out right at the stem of the plant usually further down from the top of the plant.

Fava Beans Early June

I am very pleased with how well my fava beans are growing. They are leaps and bounds better than last year. I am using a different variety this time and my ducks spend the winter improving my soil if you know what I mean. But what I think the biggest difference is this year no problems with aphids. These little black bugs were all over my plants last year. While they didn’t kill the plants, they surely slowed things down before they eventually vanished. If your fava beans are not flourishing like mine that is something I would check into. Check your stems!

How Long from Flower to Fava Bean?
Here is the million dollar question. Once you see flowers that means beans will be near. It won’t happen as fast as with green beans. Those you are eating when they are slim, before the beans are developed. Favas are you are waiting for the beans inside to become fully developed. You need to give it maybe 2 to 3 weeks before you are ready to harvest. I know waiting is the hardest part. But you will be rewarded with a bean experience that cannot be matched.

Why you are waiting what you can do is snip off some of the young top leaves to use for salads. The tender leaves may a great addition to your late spring/early summer salads. I will be writing more about this in an upcoming post.