What Do Peas Look Like When They Sprout?

What Sprouting Peas Look Like

If you read “What Is The Project?” you would know that one of the reasons I started this blog was to showcase what the plants actually look like when they begin to grow. Trust me, you’ll want this information when things start popping up in your garden. Is it the beginning of the fruit of your hard labor, or some labor causing weeds?

what do pea sprouts look like in the garden

How Long Did It Take for My Peas to Sprout?

Depending on the temperature of the soil peas can take from 7-14 days to sprout. This year I planted my peas on Friday, April 11th and I first noticed signs of life on Tuesday, April 22nd – 11 days. Here is the temperature breakdown for that period (date/high/low)

Friday, April 11th : 70/37
Saturday, April 12th : 76/41
Sunday, April 13th : 81/50
Monday, April 14th : 75/36
Tuesday, April 15th : 35/26 (It snowed this day!)
Wednesday, April 16th : 45/23
Thursday, April 17th : 68/32
Friday, April 18th : 67/44
Saturday, April 19th : 69/34
Sunday, April 20th: 76/35
Monday, April 21st : 80/43
Tuesday, April 22nd : 64/43

The highest temperature was 81 degrees and the lowest was 23. Great growing weather for the peas! It was warm enough during the day to warm the soil up and cool enough at night. We even had a couple of inches of snow that didn’t slow us down.

Pea Starting to Sprout

How to Recognize the Peas from the Weeds?

Peas are very distinctive when they sprout. Their leaves come up all bunched together in a single mass. Then they will slowly begin to unfold, which happens between 1 and 2 inches of growth. It kind of reminds me of watching a fern come up and unfurl.

Pea Showing Tendril

As you can see in the above picture, a tendril is sticking out toward the back of the plant. They will remain small at first but eventually will grow big enough for the pea to grab onto something close by. Right now the pea plants are steady enough to grow upwards with no need for assistance.

Looking around the base of the plant you can see some weeds with two leaves starting to pop up. It is important to get those out as soon as you can before they become a big problem. You can clearly see the difference between the weed and the pea plant. The weed has two leaves pointing out in opposite directions. Peas don’t grow like this, so you can be sure of what you need to weed and what you need to protect.

Here is a short video clip of my peas sprouting