What Do Radishes Look Like When They Sprout?

What Radish Sprouts Look Like

We made an amazing discovery last year. Maybe amazing isn’t enough to describe it. How about revolutionary or monumental. There’s that’s better. The big discovery is that my 4 year old will eat radishes! This is a kid who avoids all other vegetables. I can’t even get this kid to eat a potato. When we made this discovery I knew for sure that we had to plant our own radishes in the garden this year for my daughter to enjoy. I planted a couple different varieties. She gave me a hand and she watches them each day with me, during our “garden check” times.

Flamboyant Radish (from Baker Creek)
A barrel shaped radish that is juicy and mild. I thought my daughter would be able to enjoy eating these more like a carrot.

Rat’s Tail Radish (from Baker Creek)
This radish actually produced pods instead of a root. The pods look sort of like green beans but with the flavor of a radish. Pods range from mild to spicy.

Plum Purple Radish (from Seed Savers Exchange)
A sweet purple colored radish that never gets pity. My daughter has been attracted to the purple ones in the past, calling them “princess radishes”.

The great thing about growing radishes is that they grow quickly so that I plant them in the spring and have time to harvest them before planting a summer crop. That is getting twice much use out of the same land.

I planted my radishes as soon as I was able to work the soil (and when it stopped raining long enough!). Here are some pictures of my radishes as they have sprouted.

Flamboyant Radish Sprouting

These are the Flamboyant radishes. I have them grown in some containers that were going to be tossed by a grocery store. They are do really well. They are growing in a mix of compost, top soil, and peat moss. I have some earthworm castings that I can add to the soil as well.

Plum Purple Radish Sprouting

These are the Plum Purple radishes. They are growing in my regular garden, up near my house. They are definitely in the need of thinning – that’s what my next post will be about.

Rat Tail Radish Sprouting

These are the Rat’s Tail radishes. I am excited to see how these pod producing radishes grow. They have been the slowest to get going so far, but as you see in the picture above they are starting to develop their second (or true) leaves.

Keep turning into the pea project to see what’s going on with my radish crop. If you are growing them I would love to hear about your experiences and what you are growing. Drop me a line in the comment section below.