When to Harvest Petite Snap Greens

Petite Snap Greens
A close up of my Petite Snap Greens plants. Aren’t the leaves so cute!

Peas are the perfect addition to a salad. They have a beautiful crunch and sweetness. This
season I am going to enjoy peas in my salad in a whole new way. This is the first year I am growing peas just for salad greens. I am not growing just any old variety – I am growing a new variety available from Johnny’s Seeds, called Petite Snap Greens. Instead of producing a bunch of tendrils, the plant shoot out sets of tiny leaves. It is one of the most fascinating peas I have grown. The plants almost like like a person with both their arms stretched out.

Petite Snap Greens
Who needs pea tendrils when you can have these delicious leaves.
Petite Snap Greens
Here is a picture of the plant looking like a person with their arms stretch out.
I planted a few seeds in a container as well to see how they did and to have a section I could harvest differently.

The plants have been growing quite well. The best thing about this variety is that you only need about 30 days to get your first harvest. While I am waiting for my other peas to produce, I have a crop of “peas” ready to be harvested.

Here is a video of me talking about harvesting the Petite Snap Greens.

Once the petite leaves have formed, I cut them steam off with a sharp pair of scissors. At this point the plants are between 6 and 8 inches tall. All of the plants that I harvested had more growth on the top, including more leaves ready to shoot out. I expect I will be able to get another harvest out of each plant.

Petite Snap Greens
So more tiny leaves beginning to form at the top of this plant.
Petite Snap Greens
These leaves are about ready to harvest.

The leaves are sweet with a pea-like flavor. They are tender, but will get tougher if you wait too long to harvest them. The plants will eventually grow taller and produce peas. But they will mature late and not be as productive as other varieties. Best to only do if you are doing it for seed only.

The best part of all is that my kids will eat them. All three of them enjoying munching on the greens – my oldest daughter even asked for more. Right there is already a reason to grow them next year. I find that my kids are more likely to try a vegetable if it comes from our very own garden. If you are a parent and are having trouble getting your kids to eat certain vegetable (or any vegetable!) try growing it yourself and have them care for it. You might be surprised on their willingness to try.

Tips on Harvesting Your First Petite Snap Greens
1. For your first harvest plant will be about 6 to 8 inches tall
2. Cut the steam of the small leaves after they have formed
3. Leave the top to continue to grow.

How to Store Your Greens
After you harvest them, I get a towel slightly wet and place it in the bottom of a bowl. Put the greens on top, and gently cover with plastic wrap. I harvested them on Monday as of this morning, Wednesday, they are still looking and tasting great.

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