Why I Am Growing…British Wonder Peas

British Wonder Peas

Today, I am continuing my series on the varieties of peas I have chosen to grow in my garden. The variety I wish to talk about now I picked up from Seed Savers Exchange. This is your standard shelling pea. I picked up a couple different shelling varieties from them including Kelvedon Wonder and Sutton’s Harbinger. British Wonder was introduced in England (I know, you didn’t see that coming) in 1890. The famous W. Atlee Burpee brought it to the American gardener in 1904.

Four Reasons Why I Am Growing British Wonder Peas

1. Organic seed available. Not all the seeds that I am growing have been certified organic, but when I can find seed that has been, it’s beneficial to buy them.
2. Said to be both a good yielding and flavorful variety
3. Need another shelling variety to try out to compare to the other shelling ones.
4. This variety grows to about 3 feet tall. Not the tallest, and not the shortest that I am growing. Perfect height for using a tomato cage as support. I like using tomato cages as they are easy to stick into the ground and give the pea enough to grab onto to. It’s so simple. Only works well with varieties of British Wonder’s size. Something that grows taller wouldn’t get enough support unless you have a super tall tomato cage. And if you play your cards right and get your peas in the ground fast enough, you may still be able to use the cage as a tomato cage later in the season.

British Wonder Peas

The photo above is a British Wonder pea plant after it has sprouted and has gotten some growth on. The seed sprouted pretty well, so I should be able to look forward to a plentiful harvest. Now I just need to battle the weeds that wish to take over British Wonder’s space!

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