Why I Am Growing…Corne de Belier Snow Peas

Corne de Belier Snow Peas Pack

A great stir-fry need snow peas. They are the perfect addition. A little sweet, a little crisp if cooked right. No doubt snow pea are a major part of my garden and this pea project. I have selected several varieties to grow. One that I want to talk about today is a variet I picked out of the Baker Creek catalog, Corne de Belier Sounds fancy huh? Seems like anything with a French name has it’s fanciness level raised. This variety goes all the way back to the 1860s, it certainly qualifies as an heirloom.

I entered the term “Corne de Belier” into a translator in Google, and it came up with meaning “ram horn” in English. Not sure how accurate that is. Ram Horn sounds like an fascinating name for a pea!

Four Reasons Why I Am Growing Corne de Belier Snow Peas
1. Read lots of reports about them being very prolific.
2. They can grow over 6 feet tall, which makes for harvesting without the need to bend over.
3. Said to have great flavor.
4. I heard one gardener say that the pods remained tender even after they started to swell up.

Corne de Belier Snow

I hoping these peas are profilic as they say they are. Because unfortunately out of all the pea varieties I planted this year, this variety did the worst. I only ended up with a handful of plants. We will see how well the few plants I have do. I am wondering if climate is coming into play. Both the glowing reviews I read about them on the Baker Creek website were from people from climates a lot different than mine (Hawaii and Texas). Maybe this variety does better in warmer climates, at least with germinating. Or there could be any number of reasons my pea didn’t sprout as well. I will see how this variety does as time goes on. Not ready to write it off just yet.