Why I Am Growing…Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Golden Sweet Snow Pea Baker Creek Pack

I love eating/growing vegetables that are not the standard color that everyone thinks they are. Carrots that are yellow. Brussels sprouts that are purple. Snow peas that are yellow. When I first saw the Golden Sweet Snow Pea in a catalog, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. All I have known is peas that are green.

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Here are the top 6 reasons I am growing Golden Sweet Snow Peas this season.

1. I grew them successfully last season – they were prolific.
2. Their beautiful yellow color
3. Because they are yellow they are easy to spot, thus easier to pick.
4. The plant produces beautiful purple and white flowers.
5. My daughter liked them.
6. They make a great visual presentation on the plate when served with the traditional green snow pea.

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what a farmer from Milton, Vermont had to say about Golden Sweet. Eric Ballard grows them for the Ballard Farm Stand.

“Golden Sweet is a must in my garden. It’s truly my favorite snow pea. I am also trying the other 3 you have for the first time this year, along with 5 bulk varieties for our market.”

I asked him the question “What is your favorite thing about the Golden Sweet?

“Taste honestly. And if you let the peas grow just a little inside they’re still not stringy and fibrous and still very good but do get so quickly after that stage. They are great mixed with other snow peas and snap peas and beans for a snack. Customers (and I) love them in my stir-fry mix, too.”

Golden Sweet is an excellent stir-fry addition. Eric said that he sells most of this Golden Sweet through his stir-fry mixes or mixed with other peas.

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

With all these great reasons, you have no excuse not to grow these fantastic peas. Golden Sweet Snow grows to 6 feet tall, so you would need some trellising. Last year I used some poles I picked up at Lowe’s and just tied some string at different levels for the peas to grab a hold of. It worked pretty well.

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Golden Sweet Snow originated in India are available to buy from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

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  1. Love the colour… The flowers are very pretty too!
    I’d love to order some Baker Creek seeds… Their website is so enticing. I’m just a bit worried if there’s any penalty with importing seeds to the UK from outside of the EU?

    1. samue1eb@yahoo.com says:

      Yeah they are beautiful and taste good too! Yeah I don’t know about that. It is a good question. If I find anything out I will let you know and if you find anything out let me know.

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