Why I Am Growing…Kelvedon Wonder Garden Pea

Kelvedon Wonder Garden Pea Packet

Words can sometimes bring expectations. Especially strong words. Like the word “wonder”. A variety of pea with that name, makes you wonder how good these peas are going to be. Wonder no more for me, I am growing them this year. I am talking Kelvedon Wonder – a pea I have heard a lot of “wonder”ful things about. I got them into my garden and they are just beginning to sprout as of the writing of this post. I purchased a packet of these seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.

Here are my top 4 reasons for growing this variety.

1. I want to grow pea of varying heights. Kelvedon Wonder (called Merveille de Kelvedon in French) only grows to 18 inches tall. A great variety to try if you don’t want to invest in some type of a trellis. Although for me, I still provided the plant with some support, just a simple tomato cage that I wasn’t going to use for tomatoes.
2. They produce early, so they should be one of the first I harvest. Check back during harvest time to see if that was the case.
3. They are resistant to pea wilt and downy mildew. That can only be a plus. As far as I know I haven’t had these kinds of issues in the past. My biggest issue is always with weeding them.
4. Kelvedon Wonder is a shelling pea, so you eat the peas on the inside. They can produce up to 8 peas per pod and the 2 pods per node – which makes for faster harvesting – as you can grab two pea pods at one time. Or at my house one pod for the basket and one for my kids to eat right on the spot!

I am helping some friends of mine start their first ever garden this year. They are super excited about it. I let them know they are able to start peas early in the growing season. I still find a lot of people not being aware that they can plant stuff before the frost free date. Since I had leftover seed, I shared with them some of my Kelvedon Wonder seeds as I felt it would be a good variety for them to try out and for their young children to be able to pick and enjoy themselves. Their soil is a lot different than mine, more loamy, not clay like mine. It was so much easier to till and plant in their soil. I am curious to see how theirs perform against mine.

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