Why I Am Growing…Magnolia Blossom Tendril Pea

Magnolia Blossom Pea

I hope you have been enjoying my introductions to the pea varieties I am growing. I admit it’s getting hard to write these opening paragraphs, as I have already said a lot. Without further ado, let me introduce you to today’s variety I am featuring – it’s the Magnolia Blossom Tendril pea. I bought these from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Top 3 reasons why I am selected to grow Magnolia Blossom this year –

1. I wanted to grow all of the hybertendril varieties offered by Baker Creek, so this was the last one I had to pick up. Hybertendril means that the plant will produce more tendrils in place of some leaves. This helps increase air flow, decrease disease, and increase flavor as the tendrils are great in salads.
2. The flowers are purple and white. Traditional pea flowers are just white. These will add more beauty to my garden.
3. They say they are very productive.

So many varieties I am trying for the first time this year, but nothing has me more excited than the hyber tendril ones. I can’t wait to see how these plants look and produce.

If you are going to grow Magnolia Blossom give it somethign to climb up as these suckers get up to 5 to 6 feet tall. I have a simple set up of large stickers that I harvested from some of the trees in the forest around our house. Tie some string on them and your good to go.

I am constantly keeping my eye out to see what people talking about peas on social media. Yesterday I spotted on my facebook feed, someone else growing this variety. She was asking about one of her plants that sprouted. Check out the photos below. You will know why she is asking.

Magnolia Blossom Tendril peas with albino plant
Photo courtesy of Tricia Rosamilia from Pennsylvania
Magnolia Blossom Tendril peas with albino plant
Photo courtesy of Tricia Rosamilia from Pennsylvania

One of her plants is yellow and stead of green. Besides color it doesn’t look any different than her other plants. However it’s lack of chlorophyll will keep this albino plant from growing. I had not seen this in any of my pea plants in the past. My seeds are just starting to sprout so I wonder if I will end up with an albino of my own. I say that because I have found another person who had a similar issue (Check out the blog “From Seed to Table“, to see her albino plant). I wonder if this is something that then seen commonly with this variety.

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