Why I Am Growing…Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea (photo from rareseeds.com)
Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea (photo from rareseeds.com)

The cold weather and the rain and snow have been slowing down my pea garden progress – much to my frustration. That’s part of gardening. The weather can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. In a glass is full half approach I do have plenty of time right now to continue chatting about what varieties I am growing this year and why. Today I talking about the Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea variety. This variety is widely available from many different sources.

Reasons why I am growing this variety:
1. It is suppose to grow large, thick pods
2. High yielding
3. I am looking for a mix in different heights of peas. This is a shorter grower snow pea, growing to an average of 28 inches.
4. This variety was created by Dr. James Baggett from Oregon State University. It is bred to do well in the Pacific Northwest. I think can do excellent here in Michigan, even thought we are a little cooler here.
5. It is a well known variety that I have heard many people rave about

Don’t just talk my word for it. Heidi, who lives in the Northeastern United States, had this to say about this variety on the Baker Creek facebook page (thanks Heidi!) –

Yes, they do really well for me, better than the sugar snaps all I can say is that they are easy and prolific, they grow taller than the other varieties, for me anyway.

Growing Snow Peas in the Snow

Thanks to Lucinda Pinchot for the photo
Thanks to Lucinda Pinchot for the photo

For us that live in a climate where snow is in a thing, even into April, we still don’t have to worry about our peas. They can take a little snow, as seen in the photo above (thanks Luicinda Pinchot). Gives a new meaning to the word “snow” pea. Her Oregon Sugar Pod II are coming up, even when surrounded by the white stuff.

Using Seed Pack as Row Marker

Thanks to Lucinda Pinchot for the photo
Thanks to Lucinda Pinchot for the photo

Lucinda also uses her seed packets to make this easy row marker. She just a 1″ stake and attaches a laminated seed packet to it. Great and simple idea. I might have to just borrow my wife’s laminator and do this myself.

You can pick up Oregon Sugar Pod II from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Last time I checked they were out of the smaller packets but they do have a 1/2 pound option.

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