Why I Am Growing…Spring Blush Tendril Pea

Spring Blush Pea

Typicially when I order seeds I practice patience. I wait until I figure out everything that I want and then make my order. But when I saw the Spring Blush peas being offered by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I just couldn’t wait. Didn’t want to miss them so I snatched them up right away.

Why did I want this seed so much. Here are 4 seasons.

1. Just look at beautiful this pea is. A green snap pea that has a red or pink blush. Very unique.
2. This variety was bred by the famed Alan Kapuler.
3. The plant will produce beautiful white and purple flowers.
4. The best part may be that these peas are hyber-tendril variety. This means they will produce more tendrils than the average pea plant. Perfect to cut some off and use them in salads. The tendrils taste just like peas!

I really am looking forward to seeing how these produce. My first time growing a hyber-tendril variety, so I am curious to see how it compares, not to mention how cool the red blushed peas are going to look. Just in case I had a problem with my crop for whatever reason, I decided to share a packet of seeds with a really good friend of mine. His growing conditions are different than mine. He lives in the city and has raised beds fulled with local compost.

Spring Blush will grow tall (5 to 6 feet) so you must give it plenty of support. Also of note is that if you choose to save seeds, save only the seeds of pods that have the red blush on them. You may find that some of your pods are just green. By selecting to save only those seeds, over time we should expect to see the plain green pods eliminated. Typically you would grow out more generations so that the all great trait is weeded out, but the excitement about this pea led them to releasing before that occurred. I am definitely not the only one excited about this variety!

They are said to be very productive. Hopefully my friend and I will have a bountiful harvest.

If you are growing this variety yourself or any other hyper-tendril cultivar I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below. Also subscribe to my email updates so you can keep track of my pea progress.

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