Why I Am Growing…Amish Snap Peas

Amish Snap Peas

We all know what a sugar snap pea is. What you might not know is that this is a particularly variety of snap pea. We have given the name “Sugar Snap” to every edible round podded pea. There are other “snap peas” out there besides the Sugar Snap. Some that even pre-date the Sugar Snap. I picked up this variety from Seed Savers Exchange. I have been looking at it for the last couple years, but either they were out of stock at the time of my order or I didn’t have room for them. With me going all out on the peas this year, I couldn’t not have room for it.

Amish Snap Peas

Seed Savers describe Amish Snap as a “Superb snap pea reportedly grown in the Amish community long before present snap pea types.”.

Reasons why I am growing Amish Snap Peas this year –

1. I picked it because it has been grown for a long time. Passed down, even before the sugar snap was popular
2. Said to be super sweet, crisp, and productive
3. I want to directly compare it to the Sugar Snap variety
4. Organic seed is available
5. Yields for weeks as long as the weather corporates
6. Even when seeds start to grow inside the pods, pea is suppose to still sweet

I briefly spoke with someone who has grown Amish Snap in the past. Stacene from Minnesota says that

I grow them every year as they are the best snap pea I’ve found in last 40 years.

I asked her why do you like them so much?

Sweet crispy and fresh

I am super excited to try this variety out. See how it compares to the other snap varieties I am growing, particularly the original Sugar Snap.

Amish Snap Peas

Amish Snap is a tall growing variety, up to 6 feet. You will definitely need to provide support so that your plants are laying on the ground.

One thing to note about the seeds I got. The package says that the germination rate was 79% which is below federal standards, so the package as 1.25 overpacked. I will keep a close eye on how these come up and I have extra seeds I can plant if I need to.