Why I Am Growing…Royal Snow Peas

Royal Snow Pea

I am on always on a mission to find different varieties of peas to grow, that I haven’t tried before. I never look through just one catalog or website and am satisfied. I have looked for them in many sources as I can find and will continue to do so. I was really excited earlier this year when I spotted the Royal Snow pea variety in a Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog.

Let me bring you the top 5 reasons why I choose to grow Royal Snow.

1. It’s purple. Not green. I love trying out different colored vegetables.
2. I wanted to try another purple pea variety as I have not been satisfied with the ones I have tried in the past.
3. Since it is purple it will be easier to see when harvest time comes.
4. It is a variety bred by Dr. Calvin Lamborn. He is breeder of the original “Sugar Snap Pea”. If he bred it, I really want to try it!
5. Remains brilliant purple when lightly cooked. Great eye appeal on the plate.

I have grown purple varieties before, but wasn’t that please with them. I wanted to give another one a try. I also couldn’t resist picking up a variety bred by Dr. Calvin. Below you will find a video from Johnny’s all about this man and his peas.

How can you not watch this video and not admire this man. I would love to sit with him on a porch, on a sunny, summer day with a glass of lemonade and just listen to him to talk about his peas. His passion for something as simple as the pea is inspiring. He has worked tirelessly to bred peas of all sorts of colors. He isn’t done with his work either. He designed a cart that will keep him in the fields for as long as he can. The work he is doing will have an impact for years and years after he is gone. What a legacy he will leave (he already has with the Sugar Snap) I am so excited that I have the privilege of growing a variety that he created.

He mentions that hard work that goes into developing a new variety. It can take up to 10 years to have it ready for the market. After the initial cross, you have to keep selected seeds until you have a stable crop, and then grow more seeds to have enough to sell. It’s a game of patience. Years of work when into the choices that we have in our seed catalogs. I am thank, Dr. Calvin for all his fantastic work and Johnny’s Selected Seeds for making the fruits of his labor available to the home gardener.

To learn more about Dr. Calvin’s work and his other varieties, check out his website at the very aptly named eatmorepeas.com

Royal Snow Pea
I planted Royal Snow is the closest row in this picture. String will be tied to the sticks and the peas will grab onto the string as they grow.

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  1. Amy L LeClair says:

    Very nice article! Thank you for sharing your experiences and sharing the information 🙂

    1. samue1eb@yahoo.com says:

      You’re welcome! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I will be writing more about this variety as it grows, so stay tuned!

  2. […] By the way if you are interested in learning more about Dr. Calvin’s pea, check out this webpage. I am growing two varieties of his that were offered by Johnny’s seeds (Petite Snap Greens and Royal Snow) […]

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