Why Won’t My Spinach Grow

Why Won't My Spinach Grow

You plant your seeds. You wait patiently for them to sprout. They eventually do. They you wait for them to grow. And you wait. And you wait. And you wait. For some reason the plants seems to be no bigger from one day to the next. What gives? You may feel like a failure. You may think you watered them too much or not enough. I have experienced this feeling this gardening season. My peas may be reaching for the sky, but my spinach hardly. So I set out to find out what might be going on here.

Yellow Spinach leaves

My Spinach Has Yellow Leaves
Note in the above photo. The leaves at the bottom of the plant are yellow. These are the original leaves that came out when the plant sprouted. The plant has not really showed much signs of growth. I had this same issue last year in the same exact spot. So I decided to give myself a soil test to see if something in or not in my soil is causing the trouble.

Lack of Nitrogen to Blame?
The soil itself at least appears good. It’s a raised bed that was built before I moved into this house. The soil looks rich and dark. However when I conducted a soil test I found that the level of nitrogen was very low.

Low Nitrogen Level

The result is suppose to be pink to dark pink. Mine showed hardly any pink. Spinach requires a good amount of nitrogen to produce. So far in this raised bed nothing has done well with the exception of peas and beans which fix nitrogen into the soil. The tomatoes I grew in this spot last year also did poorly. As I have been learning to garden, I have not paid enough attention to the soil I am growing in. With the basics down, I am taking that next step. You’re welcomed along for the ride!

What Can I Do to Fix It?
Growing vegetables that naturally fix nitrogen into the soil would be the ideal solution, but it doesn’t help me much right now. I added a nitrogen rich additive to the soil. blood meal is a good source of nitrogen that can get your spinach a boost. For me with the weather heating up even if my spinach does get going it will probably quickly bolt. I plan on doing a fall crop in the spot where I have been growing my peas – which as previously mention are nitrogen fixers.

If you have had this problem this year or in the past I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.