Will Dill Re-Seed Itself?

Dill Going to Seed

In my garden you will find herbs that are annuals (such as cilantro, basil, and rosemary) and herbs that are perennials (sage, oregano, mint, tarragon). Then there is dill. What side does dill fall on? Dill is an annual that I don’t have to plant again. Why? Because it can re-seed itself!

Dill in Pot

Last year I planted some dill in my pea garden. It grew mighty big and tall. Eventually went to seed, during warm weather as dill tends to do. Not a bad deal because I enjoy using dill seed as much as I enjoy using fresh leaves from the plant. I even saved some of the seeds to plant for this year, so I wouldn’t need to buy any plants again. I sowed these seeds in a pot. A couple weeks later, while weeding out my pea garden and made this discovery –

Dill with Peas

Apparently I didn’t need to sow those seeds in the pot! There is dill everywhere! Every time I come out to pick peas my hands end up smelling like dill. More than I would use fresh. This also means when it goes to seed I will have a ton of dill seed that I can use for culinary purposes. And the seeds planted themselves. What a deal.

Dill Background

Another picture of the dill just growing in the background of these peas.

Dill with Peas 2

Dill in Peas 3

Even though this worked out for me, don’t just assume it will always work for you. I would make sure to set some seeds aside for planting next year just in case. You might change something in your garden and want to plant dill elsewhere. The seeds are easy to save. Just wait for the seeds to form on the plant and dry out. Then cut the top off and place your seeds into a dry container and store them away in a dry place until the next season. Or you can plant another crop for a fall harvest.